The Sunshine Came Back and Brought With It Some Flowers

I am so glad that the snowy weather has gone away and Spring is starting to show in Victoria. I have still been taking many less pictures than I did when I first got my camera, largely due to the problems I am having with my lens, but I still really enjoy getting out there with my camera, especially on a beautiful sunny day! The trees are starting to blossom, the spring flowers are poking out, and when you go to the beach there are many people sitting on the sand enjoying the sun and throwing sticks for their dogs into the ocean. It is wonderful, and I am so looking forward to the temperature going up a little so I can spend much more time outside. I imagine I will bring out my camera much more as well!

All of the photos I am sharing on this post have been edited in darktable, which I am starting to understand a little better now. I know which tools I will most likely use now, and am editing pictures fairly quickly which is nice. I think I am still over-editing a little on many of my photos, including the flowers I am posting here, but I am generally enjoying the final product. Below are a few more of the sunny pictures I took.


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